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Drobo NAS data recovery

Drobo are best known for their ease of use, expandability and for their proprietary BeyondRAID system. 

Drobo NAS data recovery

Some of their models include:

We can help you to recover data from your Drobo NAS in cases, such as:

Main types of RAID used: BeyondRAID

Main types of file system used by Netgear ReadyNAS: RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6. RAID 10

Drobo NAS data recovery

The BeyondRAID file system

Frequently asked questions about Drobo NAS data recovery

I understand that Drobo NAS devices use a proprietary (non-standard) type of RAID. Does this mean the data from a failed Drobo cannot be recovered?

Data can be recovered from most failed Drobo NAS devices. However, the proprietary type of RAID (BeyondRaid) used by Drobo means that the successful recovery depends on the data recovery technician’s experience and technical knowledge of BeyondRaid.

Our technicians have substantial experience in recovering from Drobo NAS devices and successfully recovered data from them in all previous cases.

I keep on receiving a “Mount Failure” error message on my new Drobo?

If your NAS is new, and you have no data stored on it, you can simply erase the bootloader by following the steps below:

1. Ensure that you’re using the latest Drobo software.

2. Make sure that your Drobo is booted with drives installed.

3. Observe “Mount Failure” or “Internal Error” message.

4. Go to Dashboard’s “Tools” and select “Erase” (reset).

5. Allow reboot of your Drobo NAS.

6. Await completion of the initialisation process. This can take up to 20 minutes.

When I switch on my Drobo, I receive a message “Internal / Mount Failed”. How do I fix this without erasing the volume?

1) Go to your Drobo Dashboard.

2) Open up Tools.

3) Select Drobo Repair.

4) The dialog box will ask you whether you want to “proceed”. Select this option.

5) The repair process may take as long as 6 days to complete.

If this process does not work, you might have to re-flash the firmware of your Drobo device.  

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