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QNAP NAS Recovery 

QNAP NAS Recovery

QNAP of Taiwan have been making NAS devices since 2006. They were the first ever NAS manufacturer to use the S-ATA interface in their devices. QNAP are best known for their Turbo NAS range.

Main type of RAID used by QNAP NAS: RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6

Main types of file system used by QNAP: EXT3, EXT4

Common error messages on QNAP NAS devices

"Disk drive failed or is unplugged"

"File system is not clean. Examination failed"

"Disk Read / Write error"

"RAID 5 Disk Volume. Error occurred while accessing the devices of the volume in degraded mode"

One of the disks in my QNAP NAS failed. But when I insert a replacement (of the same capacity), I get the message, "hard disk failed or unplugged". It is a brand new disk, how can this happen?

  1. Your new disk might not be supported by your model of NAS. You can check the hard disk compatibility list on the QNAP website.

  2. The new disk might be faulty. It is not unknown for brand new hard disks to be DOA (dead-on-arrival).

  3. One of your QNAP drive bays might be damaged.

I can no longer access my QNAP NAS via my web browser. The IP address I’m using is the one which I have always used.

  1. Check that the network interface LED light (at the back of your QNAP NAS) is flashing.

  2. If the LED flashes red or red/green, the NAS is not configured properly or the hard drive is not ready.

  3. If all the LED lights appear okay, you might have to reset your NAS. You can reset your NAS by pressing the “reset” button for 4-5 seconds. This will bring all network settings and the administrator password back to default.

  4. Open a web browser and type in http://NAS_IP:8080 and you should be able to access your NAS again.

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