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Iomega (now Lenovo) NAS Recovery 

Iomega have always been involved in high-capacity storage devices. In the 1980’s, they marketed their high-capacity (at the time) Bernoulli disk and in the 1990’s brought out their ZIP drives.

Iomega is now owned by the Lenovo corporation and make a popular line of NAS devices.

We can recover data from most models of Iomega / Lenovo NAS including:

Frequently asked questions on Iomega / Lenovo NAS recovery

One of the hard drives in my Iomega (Lenovo) NAS has failed. It was configured in RAID 1. Can you recover the data?

In most cases, yes. It depends on the type of failure which the disk in your Iomega NAS has experienced. If your disk has failed electronically, we can recover the drive by repairing the PCB. If your disk has failed due to extensive bad sectors, we can image your drive and remap the bad sectors. In the worst case scenario, if your drive has experienced drive head failure, we can replace the drive heads. In all three of these scenarios, the RAID array will have to rebuilt after your hard disk has been repaired. It is only then that the data will be accessible again.

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