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Zyxel NAS data Recovery 

Zyxel, the network equipment manufacturer, produce a limited range of 1 and 2 bay NAS devices, such as models:

Zyxel has several classifications for the status of a RAID volume.

Healthy - All the disks in the volume are healthy and the NAS is performing properly.

Degraded - A volume is offline. This status is usually seen when your Zyxel NAS has a failing hard disk. It is still possible to transfer data off a degraded Zyxel NAS but data transfer times will be slower.

Inactive – “Inactive” is shown when a disk in your Zyxel NAS is missing or has failed.

Down – This can be indicative of disk failure in your Zyxel NAS. A new disk (or disks) will have to be installed and the volume re-created.

I cannot access the files on my Zyxel 320 NAS. It is no longer seen on the network and the “Sys” LED light keeps flashing?

It is possible that your Zyxel’s firmware has got corrupted. You could try to update the firmware to a newer version. If you need to access your data urgently, you could try using a Linux Live CD.

How do I find out the network settings of my Zyxel NAS?

  1. In the administrator page, enable Telnet.

  2. Download PuTTy to your PC.

  3. In the Telnet window of PuTTy, type: “ethtool egiga0”.

  4. The resulting output should indicate to you the network settings of your device

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