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About Drive Rescue

Drive Rescue was established in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland, by veterans of the IT sector who saw a genuine need for a high-quality and affordable data recovery service in Ireland.

We specialise in advanced data recovery from NAS / RAID servers, S-ATA, SAS, solid state drives, USB flash drives and memory cards.

The right tools for the job

We have a full Class-100 clean room and use forensic-level data recovery equipment as used by police forces, state security agencies and some of the world’s most advanced data recovery laboratories.


A passion for retrieving data

Our data recovery technicians have in-depth experience of recovering data from standard RAID arrrays (levels 0 to 10), as well as proprietory RAID arrays, such as BeyondRAID (Drobo) and X-Raid (Netgear). Other NAS devices we recover from include LaCie, Apple AirPort Time Capsule, Buffalo, Synology, G-Tech, Western Digital, Iomega/Lenovo, Seagate, HP and Qnap.


Physical repair of hard disks

Even if the hard disks in your NAS or RAID server have physically failed, we can repair them at hardware-level so the disk can be imaged and used for a RAID rebuild or data recovery process.


Innovative thinking and tenacity

Our technicians follow best-practice data recovery methodologies. But there will always be cases when textbook-style methodologies don’t work. This is where our technician's experience, insight and innovative thinking come to the fore in recovering from even the most complex RAID arrays or from devices which have been deemed “unrecoverable” by other data recovery companies.


Results matter to us

Knowledge, experience, passion, tenacity and insight account for little if there are no results. Our technicians are results-driven. A failed storage device to them is more than just a chunk of metal with embedded microchips. It might be someones whole business, a thesis which took years to complete or irreplaceable video footage of a loved one. We leave no stone unturned to help you retrieve your data.


Don’t take our word for it.

See what some of our customers have been saying about us here. We hope you like what you hear. We look forward to helping you.


When your experience needs ours

For even the most seasoned IT administrators, NAS or RAID data recovery can be unchartered territory. We deal with NAS and RAID data loss situations on a daily basis and should your experience ever need ours– we’re here to help.

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