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Netgear ReadyNAS Recovery

Netgear, a company normally associated with networking equipment, also makes a popular line of NAS devices called ReadyNAS. This series includes models such as:

We can help you to recover data from your Netgear ReadyNAS in scenarios, such as:

Main type of RAID used: X-RAID 0, X-RAID 1, X-RAID 5, X-RAID 6,


Main types of file system used by Netgear ReadyNAS: EXT3 , EXT4 , BTRFS

Common error messages - Netgear ReadyNAS

Corrupt Root.”

The backup disk image could not be mounted.” (Time Machine).

Growing SMART errors indicate a disk that may fail soon. If the errors continue to increase, you should be prepared to replace the disk.”

Detected increasing uncorrectable errors on disk # [model number] This often indicates an impending failure. Please be prepared to replace this disk to maintain data redundancy.”

Access to the disk on channel (#) is producing I/O errors. Although the array is still redundant, please replace this drive as soon as possible, as it is likely to fail soon.” 

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