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Western Digital NAS Recovery 

Western Digital NAS Recovery

Western Digital are a well known hard drive manufacturer. They also produce desktop, pedestal and rackmount NAS devices. Popular models are:

RAID levels supported by WD NAS

File systems supported

Frequently asked questions about Western Digital NAS devices

Can I use Western Digital Green drives for my NAS server?

Western Digital Green drives are designed to be low-energy drives. This keeps them very cool and quite. However, as a RAID-based storage device, they are far from ideal. WD Green drives can sometimes be too slow to operate within normal RAID parameters. Many RAID controllers will often ignore a disk if unresponsive below a certain threshold (usually 7-8 seconds). For this reason, using disks designed primarily as desktop storage in a RAID setup can leave an array vulnerable.

Western Digital recommend that you use their “RE” (Raid Edition) class disks or their “Red” class drives for RAID-based volumes.

Western Digital NAS Recovery

Failure rates for Western Digital Drives RAID and enterprise-class disks (source: Western Digital) 

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